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Globalization, competitiveness, flexibility, cost cutting: the world evolves Since 1988, PROEVOLUTION is beside the leaders worried of giving meaning to the collaboration with their teams. PROEVOLUTION is partner with RIGHT MANAGEMENT logo_right_management


Diagnosis : managerial, worker/management relations, organizational. Reveals a map of what the people in the company are experiencing at a given moment “M”. Analysis : career, skills. Facilitates the identification and re-appropriation of the skills acquired during an individual’s career so that they can be redeployed in a new project within or outside the company. Coaching : enables employees to change their behavior significantly thanks to the individualized support provided. It deals with issues linked to management, organizational and relational skills and communication or commercial skills. Career Transition : individual (outplacement) – collective (redeployment). Is a form of support for redundant employees. They find themselves temporally in a “professional wilderness” and after an analysis of their skills, are able build a project for their future. Training or “interpersonal communication”: managing and preventing stress and psychosocial risks, training trainers… These are development tools in an occupational framework.


PROEVOLUTION’S methods revolve around the lifecycle of Human Capital, one of the essential driving forces behind companies today.

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