Our Values

ProEvolution works in the human capital of companies, and the values associated with it are very strong and shared by our entire team.

Our vision

Becoming an essential reference in the field of guiding change for people and companies.

Ensuring a high level of performance and satisfaction for the client and his/her employees.

Our method

Our methods are relevant and transparent, with respect for strong values and sustainable development, both at the national and international levels.

Our commitment

We use our expertise to provide the best advice and service to our customers in all our businesses: recruitment, assessment, career transition counselling, training, transition management and coaching to contribute to measurable performance and the satisfaction of the client and its employees.

Our values, which are shared by the whole team

  • Enthusiasm
    We invest with passion in our relationship with others
  • Business attitude
    Advising and supporting our clients are our priority and our reason for being
  • Respect
    We honour the tasks entrusted to us by our customers according to our commitments and with confidentiality.
  • Pragmatism
    Our actions are practical, simple, adapted and oriented in order to correspond in every way to the expected result
  • Transparency
    In our relationship with our client or the candidate, how we operate and the pricing of our services: we are transparent in everything we do.
  • Flexibility
    We adapt to a changing world and evolve with it