Help with decision making

Making the final choice between several talents for strategic recruitment is not easy. This is why ProEvolution offers its clients a way to help them make the final choice of the right candidate.

How do I choose the best candidate?

This question is vast but yet oh so important! Whether it is choosing between a junior who has ambition and who costs less or a senior who is more experienced but less malleable and more expensive; Or between an in-house person who knows the company but less about the new job, and a potential recruit who is experienced but for who you do not know how well they will integrate into your team… There are a lot of questions you can ask when making the final selection related to recruitment.

Therefore, ProEvolution has put in place support for decision-making in recruitment. It may form an integral part of a recruitment contract or be a service exclusively carried out in is own right.

In any case, our recruiters give you the necessary external view. To do this, they will rely on tools for assessing candidates. They will also interview candidates to detect their soft skills and measure their integration skills for the position and team.