Support for transformations

In an ever-changing world, your company’s talents are often overwhelmed by the necessary changes. The assistance of experts from outside the company can be quickly needed to support them.

That’s why our teams have the certifications and experience for these issues. So choosing ProEvolution to accompany you is the guarantee of successful and personalised support to achieve your objectives!

Why do companies need help with change?

Change is part of the life of a company. It is undeniable that we live in a world where we have to be ready to question ourselves and in particular our management style.

Some examples of changes that a company may have to go through include:

  • A change of management or manager,
  • The digitisation of the company,
  • The takeover of the company,
  • Intergenerational work,

Unfortunately, all of these changes can have a negative impact on the company. That’s why it’s important to support teams during changes to your organisation.

Our approach to supporting transformations

We support the company’s HR transformation in 7 key steps:

  1. Guidance for the transition
  2. Implementing an individual and collective approach
  3. Communicating about the change
  4. Recognising yourself in the change
  5. Supervising the change
  6. Having a top-down approach
  7. Making the approach sustainable

Our services to support change

Our teams are able to assist you on several issues related to supporting change. The career development of your teams and the adaptation of your management are also key factors in the HR transformations of your company.

Do you have other career management needs? Or would you like a quote? Please contact us!