Change management


Is the organization of your company changing? ProEvolution’s change management specialists support you in your change management process, whether it is a continuous improvement project, a restructuring or a deep structural reform of the company. The method of change management deployed by our experts ensures a successful transition while taking into account the human issues to reach your goals.

Change management is a process used in private and public organisations to help employees adapt to change. The objective for the company that uses change management is to allow productivity to be maintained or even developed by increasing the capacities of adapting the payroll.

Our firm ProEvolution accompanies organisations in their change management approach thanks to its change management specialists with the proven methods.
When is it time to implement a change management process?
The implementation of a change management process may be motivated within the company for several reasons. Change management often occurs within the context of restructuring (reduction of structural costs, increase in competitiveness through new working methods, etc.), or a major reform of the company (buyout, merger, change of activity, etc.), but it can also occur within a process of continuous improvement of the working and management methods (process optimization, ISO certifications, recruitment and skills upgrading, lean management, team building, etc.). ). Depending on the nature of the objectives involved in the change management, we can also talk about transition management.

Who should be involved in the change management process?
Beyond management and human resources (HR), the implementation of a change management approach involves cross-functional work between the company’s departments, including the internal communication department and the managers. It is important to keep in mind that the success of the change management process is based not only on methods, but also on a human factor that involves working closely with several departments.

The change management method of our consulting firm ProEvolution

ProEvolution’s change management specialists have developed a multi-phase methodology to help your business achieve its goals:

1) Analysis

The analysis phase of the change management process determines the participants and teams involved in the project, makes it possible to diagnose the situation and the path to be followed.

2) Method / Strategy

Based on the analysis, the strategy to be adopted is defined by also identifying the risks of resistance to change (loss, uncertainty, worry, opposition in principle …)

3) Communication

Internal communication around the project: messages to be passed on, targets, the most appropriate communication channels

4) Training

Training is an essential step to involve the staff in the project. It can take different forms: seminars, training-action, setting up a steering group and project groups.

5) Implementation of the change management plan

With the support of managers and monitoring: indicators, collecting feedback, negotiation and analysis to evaluate the progress of the change.

Why use a change management firm?

Being supported by ProEvolution’s change management specialists means providing your company with the benefit of a new approach and qualified methodology to carry out your transition operation in good conditions and with satisfactory results.