Are you looking to recruit a profile for support functions? Our recruiters are used to searching for these types of profiles.

What are support functions?

The notion of support professions includes a large number of roles. These positions include:

  • QHSE,
  • purchasing,
  • production,
  • industrialisation,
  • maintenance and after sales service,
  • etc.

How do I recruit for support functions?

Recruitment is a job that has become more complicated due to the scarcity of technical profiles and the very diverse requirements. Indeed, we are far from the time when it was enough to post an advertisement to have many qualified applicants.

So, today, you need to know how to adapt your approach to the desired profile.

First of all, you can of course begin your search by setting up a job offer. However, you still need to choose the right website where your rare pearl will find you. Unfortunately, due to the huge supply of websites, and the cost of posting an ad, not counting the sorting time (some low cost solutions will bring in a lot of irrelevant CVs), this solution will be expensive and time consuming.

This is why at ProEvolution, we promote the solutions of headhunting and direct approach. Coupled with artificial intelligence, these solutions will help identify the right support profiles so you can contact them and encourage them to join you.

Sometimes the choice will also depend on your own employer brand. That’s why our coaching is not just about identifying profiles but also helping you to win them over.