RPO Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

At certain times, you have big recruitment needs! They do not necessarily justify hiring recruiters because the need is a one-off. Or you may need someone who is very qualified in recruiting that you do not have in-house yet. This is why ProEvolution’s teams offer RPO (Recruitment Processing Outsourcing) solutions.

What is RPO?

RPO is the process of asking an external recruitment resource to work in-house to manage your recruitment from within your organisation.

RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The benefits of Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

This method offers many advantages:

  • The resource is already an expert in recruitment
  • RPO will last as long as you want and is renewable as required
  • The resource works on site and therefore has direct knowledge of your needs
  • Interviews can be grouped between the person managing your recruitment and your teams (unlike a traditional recruitment that will require an interview in the recruiting firm and another in your premises).
  • By working in your team, the resource also provides a transfer of skills to your HR teams

Why ask ProEvolution’s teams for an RPO?

Our firm has been an expert in recruiting in many trades for over 30 years. We specialise in executive search and headhunting for technical experts, and support functions. We are able to support you regardless of your industry, knowing that we have strong ties with the industrial sector.

RPO is also one of the services that we routinely perform, as we have observed its effectiveness.

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