The ProEvolution outplacemet firm provides individual support to employees, executives and directors in their career transition with the guarantee of finding a job within 12 months. Our outplacement firm determines with the employee their objectives, ambitions, and provides support until the new contract of employment is signed. Outplacement allows the employee to secure their departure from the company.

The outplacement firm ProEvolution supports employees to achieve a successful career transition. The goal of our outplacement firm? To guarantee you a quick return to employment.

Outplacement is still sometimes unknown to some employees. ProEvolution, an outplacement firm with 25 years’ experience, allows employees to secure their departure from the company by benefiting from personalized support to find a new job.
Outplacement most often involves executives, directors and department managers within the context of a breach of a contract of employment by means of contractual, transactional or mutually agreed termination or dismissal. Outplacement is not mandatory but may be at the heart of discussions and negotiations when a company and an employee decide to separate. Unlike reclassification, outplacement is an individual measure. Depending on the agreements concluded between the executive employee and the company, bearing the cost of the outplacement firm’s services may take the form of:
– compensation received by the employee
– direct payment by the company

In the case of compensation, the employee keeps the choice of the outplacement firm which will provide them with support for their repositioning. On the other hand, if the company bears the cost, it chooses the outplacement firm.

Regardless of the manner in which the career transition is financed, the outplacement firm’s mission takes the form of personalized support for the employee over an average period of 6 to 12 months. Depending on the case, the duration of the outplacement service may be fixed (6 months, 12 months) or based on the replacement objective.

Using an outplacement firm is not only intended to allow a quick return to employment, but it is also an opportunity for the employee to take a step back from their career and their job to calmly move forward to a new job or a non-salaried project (liberal profession, take-over of a company, etc.).

To achieve the career repositioning goal, the work between the employee and the outplacement firm consists of several phases:

– Assessment: review of the employee’s career, expertise, skills and expectations
– Defining the project: what objectives does the employee want to pursue? what types of positions? The purpose of this phase is to draft a set of specifications of the employee’s career objective
– Documentation: information on the market, business sectors, offers and opportunities, differentiating elements sought by recruiters
– Establishing an action plan: the advisor from the outplacement firm and the employee determine the job search strategy together
– Job search: the employee benefits from all the outplacement firm’s expertise, with reliable and proven job search techniques
– Negotiating the new contract by the outplacement firm: this is the final phase of the work between the firm and the employee.