Employment Preservation Plan


Do you have to implement employment safeguard measures? Our reclassification firm supports you in all the stages of reclassification of your employees. This action can be carried out with a project team being set up within our reclassification firm which will ensure that all the regulatory obligations in this field are fulfilled.

Collective reclassification involves supporting a group of employees (production workers, supervisors, executives) from 6 to 12 months, within the context of corporate reorganization (business cessation, relocation, production cost reduction plan, etc.).

This reorganization (or “restructuring”) obliges the company to put in place measures to safeguard employment as part of an Employment Safeguard Plan (the ESP was previously called the “Redundancy Plan”). ).

Beyond this obligation, a restructuring is a project which impacts the company: number and skills of employees, social climate, economic performance. In other words, choosing your reclassification firm carefully is essential. The experienced staff of the reclassification firm Pro Evolution is at your disposal to define your needs in line with your reality and find the most relevant ways of implementing the reclassification plan. Our project managers are experienced in leading Employment Safeguard Plans.

The ESP incorporates a reclassification plan to facilitate the reclassification of employees whose redundancy is unavoidable. A company has a vested interest in using a reclassification firm to efficiently carry out the ESP.
Relying on an external reclassification firm such as Pro Evolution, experts in the reclassification of employees and the labour market, appointed by the company, allows the company to set up this collective support, in accordance with the regulations.

In real terms, the completion of such a project by our reclassification firm can be characterised by setting up a project team which will initially provide information and advice before the redundancies for all the company’s employees.

After that comes the Employment Support Team (also known under the name of “Reclassification Unit”), where employees who have been on reclassification leave or who are supported by the French Employment Agency (Pôle Emploi) are assisted by the consultants from the reclassification firm until their professional repositioning. The aim is to facilitate their professional reintegration through reclassification into sustainable employment. In concrete terms, a voluntary departure management area can be set up (business start-up or takeover, retirement, job search, life project, etc.) or a mobility area (job search with training in techniques and tools for job searches, job market information, etc.).

Pro Evolution, our reclassification firm, is genuinely committed to achieving results and resumes support if the employee’s trial period is not conclusive.

In all cases, our reclassification firm coordinates the entire programme, in close contact with the company, with a project manager who ensures regular and ongoing contact between the reclassification firm and the company (meetings and regular reviews, reporting …) .