French-German Recruitment


One of the specificities of PROEVOLUTION is that it operates as a Franco-German recruitment agency. Our experience of direct recruiting of technical and commercial executives lies on both sides of the Franco-German axis. Whether you are a French company with plans in Germany, or a German one with plans in France, the Franco-German recruitment agency PROEVOLUTION will find the right Franco-German profile for you.

Are you a French company and do you want to develop your business on the German market? Are you a German company looking to develop its presence in France?

PROEVOLUTION is a Franco-German recruitment agency that will select the most appropriate Franco-German profiles for your requirements.

As specialists in the Franco-German axis, we facilitate the success of your cross-border recruitments thanks to our expertise.

We can fully manage your Franco-German recruitment, from defining the requirements to circulating the job advertisements, directly approaching the potential candidates, selecting and interviewing them, as well as post-recruitment follow-up. Our recruitment process involves rigorous follow-up and transparent communication with you, our client.

Knowing various aspects

As a Franco-German recruitment agency, we master the various aspects of each country, whether cultural, regulatory, or specific to the labour markets in question. There are a large number of cultural differences, such as the relationship to work, the corporate culture, or even life skills in the professional context. As far as the labour market itself is concerned, the salary scales depending on the profiles may vary widely between Germany and France. So knowing the equivalence of degrees and posts will be necessary to “translate” your needs into a different national context.

On a regulatory level, the formalism of contracts and hiring in general is different depending on the country in question.

Our 30-year experience as a Franco-German recruitment agency has allowed us to build up a network of contacts and partners on both sides of the Rhine to quickly target the candidate you need, determine the best way of going to get them, either by using the direct approach and/or querying the relevant databases depending on the profile that has been determined with you.

Specificities of Germany

Recruitment in Germany can pose special challenges, which a Franco-German recruitment agency can help you with. Generally speaking, the demographic decline of this country combined with higher growth than in France contributes to a tense labour market. This one is now bordering on full employment. More specifically, for certain profiles, such as engineers who have received good training, demand is greater than supply and good profiles are scarce in the German labour market. A competent Franco-German recruitment agency becomes a necessity to recruit these rare gems!

The main profiles recruited:

  • Design and R&D department engineers, experts and executives
  • Sales force: Sales engineers for the export and domestic markets
  • Support functions (QHSE, purchasing, production, industrialization, maintenance and after-sales service …)
  • GM, Department Managers, Site Directors and Executive Committee Members …

The sectors of activity we focus on in France or as a Franco-German recruitment agency are:

  • Agribusiness, automotive, metallurgy, foundry, chemicals, construction, plastics, aeronautics, technological equipment, energy and environment
  • Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology.
  • Other services.