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ProEvolution will guide you in seeking out your talents! Discover our different recruitment packages that are tailored to your needs.

Recruitment context 

Our recruitment firm has more than 30 years of experience in recruitment. 

But years of experience isn’t all that counts, the headhunting profession has changed a lot with the new generations and new technologies! Moreover, the market has become more competitive in recent years. Indeed, the demand for talent is often far greater than the supply of those on the market. 

Recruitment is, increasingly, a major concern for companies. Because even if you know how much a recruitment costs, you don’t know how much it can cause you to lose if it is unsuccessful!

While recruiting may seem to be within everyone’s reach, identifying the right signals and convincing the right applicants to join you is a job in itself. Indeed, it requires a great deal of experience and expertise. This is why our teams are positioned to offer you the best guidance. 

Our recruitment packages and services 

Each recruitment is different and the way you recruit may differ depending on:

  • the position,
  • the business sector,
  • the experience,
  • the region,
  • how the company operates,
  • etc.

So there is not just one solution to recruiting but an approach to adapt to your needs and your company! 

Overall, however, the following are some of the services that we regularly offer our customers: 

  • Headhunting/ direct approach: we approach the best potential applicants directly. 
  • CV-libraries: We search for profiles in databases (in-house and partners) to find suitable candidates. 
  • Aid to decision-making: we provide you with our support, as well as our testing tools. These are used to assess the different candidates and to help you choose the most suitable one for your position. 
  • Employer brand: we help you work and improve your company’s image as an employer. 
  • Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO): we dispatch our resources to work at your company. This way, we are as close to your teams as possible for your recruitment efforts. 

Depending on your specific need, we will be able to find you an offering that will provide the best mix of these solutions (and perhaps others not mentioned) to find your talents of tomorrow! 

Our process and methodology in our recruitment packages 

Whether it is a matter of finding the right talent, or assessing them to make the right choice, we rely on proven methodology and tools. Again, the process and tools used may vary depending on the project, the difficulty of the search, the occupations, the regions and a multitude of other factors. 

In our methodology, here are a few tools that we make available as part of our contracts and offerings:

  • Advertisements: beyond the writing, which needs to have the right style, it is also important to select the right platforms. They will be used to communicate this advertisement to the right candidates 
  • Candidate search engines: we use big data tools on the Internet to scan all the profiles for which information is available online. This technology will sometimes find the hidden talents that can meet your needs 
  • Assessment of candidates: whether on technical or soft skills, the assessment of candidates is imperative to make the right choice, so we have a range of advanced tests to do this type of analysis
  • Applicant Tracking System: we use applicant tracking tools to ensure that all applications are properly tracked, regardless of the source
  • Regular reporting: depending on the customer’s choice, we offer monitoring of the search through reporting. This is done by email, phone, meetings or collaborative tracking tools such as Teams or Drive
  • Integration monitoring: our contracts include monitoring the integration of candidates with their employer. This ensures the satisfaction of the new recruitment on both sides.

Here, too, the methodology and tools we use may vary depending on the needs of each client and the profile we are looking for. Our recruitment packages are systematically adapted to include the right tools and processes.

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