Recruitment tests / assessment

ProEvolution guides you in the assessment of applicants and offers help with recruitment decision making using different tools (personality type tests)

It is common when recruiting to find it difficult to decide between applicants. Or ask, “is he/she the right candidate?” Or, “will he/she do the jobs we will give him/her?” That’s why testing during the recruitment process is important!

These questions will arise particularly for hard skills (technical expertise) for the profiles of technical experts. But also and increasingly for soft skills (people skills, adaptability) for example for Executive Search, managers and directors profiles. 

Would you like to be guided on how best to assess your applicants? Want to give yourself the best chance of finding the rare pearl? Our teams are here to help! 

There are few recruiters who have not experienced a failed recruitment, and seen the enormous cost of it.  

Our processes for assessing candidates 

Firstly, a pre-qualification of CVs helps to identify important factors of the application. In this case, our teams are used to processing resumes. They are trained and accustomed to perceiving the differentiating factors of an applicant in the position they are looking for. 

Then, interviews (telephone, conference. call, or face-to-face) bring out the applicant’s soft skills. This step makes it possible to get a feel for the compatibility with the desired position, as well as on the integration with your team. Again, our recruiters are aware of your company’s need to feel the right fit between a profile and the position in your company. 

Finally, the use of very sophisticated tests, which can be used to assess both  the candidate’s technical expertise and their soft skills is essential!

Our test tools for assessing applicants during recruitment

Our recruiters always get applicants to sit different tests as part of our services. We are equipped with various software programs specialised in recruitment tests.

Personality tests

Regardless of the position you are recruiting for, the employee will join your teams and will need to get on with their colleagues. They will also have to accept the way the company works, and possibly be able to make it progress, but without upsetting their existing colleagues.

Depending on the position you are looking to fill, the personality of the candidate you are looking for may vary. However, it is essential to ensure that this personality is well suited and able to integrate.

On the other hand, we are able to detect people whose character is too strong, or who are not strong enough, which could have an impact on the job in question.

Some of our tests are also dedicated to managing emotions. In this way, we can anticipate the levers or blocking points for motivating the applicant prior to their recruitment.

Technical tests

It is difficult to recruit a technical expert without ensuring his or her technical skills. In order to ensure that the profile being recruited is up to the job, we have several technical testing tools .

The tests we have are particularly at the level of IT professions, with our brand KonexUp. In some cases, the business expertise is within your teams, and we can guide you to prepare the check-list, which we will present to the candidates ourselves.

Sales testing

Sales reps must have skills that are specific to their role. For example, they must be able to:

  • Identify needs
  • Listen before suggesting
  • Build a relationship of trust
  • Handle objections
  • Reassure the customer
  • Be continually proactive
  • And many other factors that may vary according to the position and company products/services

The sales role is part of our core competencies. We have different tests specific to these professions. Thus, these sales-oriented recruitment tests will allow you to know whether the profile studied is more of a hunter or a breeder. In addition, these tests will help to identify areas of improvement to be worked on.

Language tests

When the position involves an international company or exchanges with other countries, the ability to speak the target language has to be checked.

In addition to interviews that will allow us to verify the candidate’s ability to speak (tests that we are able to carry out in German, English and French), we can conduct more or less advanced language tests to establish the actual level of the candidate.

Tests of reasoning and logic

Some positions may involve certain intellectual capabilities. That’s why we also have logic tests among our arsenal of recruitment tests. These are used to assess a candidate’s ability to reason and learn, as well as their potential for success on a specific assignment.