As a recruiter, there are many ways and platforms to search for candidates. So much so that it becomes difficult to sort through this whole source of information. Indeed, there are many candidate-oriented search engines that are usually very dense! In order to be able to find the right candidates and different platforms, ProEvolution has integrated artificial intelligence to source all the candidates accessible online.

How can big data be used to find a good candidate?

To centralise the different search engines, ProEvolution has invested in HR Big Data tools. As a result, we have access to the maximum number of qualified candidate profiles for your search.

How does this big data tool work? Essentially, our search engine scans all of the internet and the profiles to be found there. Thus, from the moment a candidate has a profile accessible on the web, our search engine is able to detect it.

Then, as part of our direct approach service, we filter potentially relevant candidates before contacting them.