Hiring of Public works / Construction / Building Executives


Recruitment in the construction industry is an area that is highly mastered by Optimal RH (a brand from the ProEvolution Group). We have expertise in recruitment for the various sales forces in the Construction sector (direct, through trading networks, in DIY stores, etc.). 
We also provide you with our know-how to search for technically advanced profiles (after sales service, design office, maintenance, construction sites, energy, climatic engineering, electro-technical, etc.)
The direct approach is essential in this case.

For recruitment in the Construction sector, hiring a sales rep or manager requires a specific expertise and process. The recruitment processes for the Construction sector also differ depending on the type of sales person (key account manager, sales engineer canvassing in industry, canvassing fitters directly, network facilitators, customers in DIY stores, etc.). 

To achieve it, we work with you to study the context in a specific way and we draw up specifications. Many factors influence recruitment in the Construction sector: the size of the segment, the customer type, the technicality of the product, etc.

For recruitment in the Construction sector, depending on the degree of complexity of the product and its implementation, the profile of the candidate sought may differ significantly. For this recruitment in the Construction sector, we can offer you our expertise to define with you the level of technical knowledge required (specialised or general engineer, specialised technician, general technician, etc.). Knowing the type of management is essential.

Indeed, for recruitment in the Construction sector, a sales representative managed by a Sales Manager working in close proximity and conversely a sales representative managed by a Sales Manager demanding a high degree of autonomy, brings us to very different types of salesperson.
The personality of these salespeople must also be validated by appropriate tests, as the building world is a specific environment in which discussions are direct and often managers must be operational.

For technical profiles, recruitment in the Construction sector often means direct sourcing. Some profiles are very rare and expertise is required to source them in companies. This solution, which is available from our firm as part of recruitment in the Construction sector, should be considered for particularly difficult to fill positions when the lack of potential candidates becomes problematic.

Initially more focused on the search for executives and leaders, this method of recruitment can be applied to all types of profiles. For recruitment in the Construction sector, certain profiles are always sought after and companies are struggle to recruit.
The occupations in the sector are changing, and the need for ever greater technical skills is increasing considerably. We also rely on the expertise we have through our customers in the Construction sector.

For recruitment in the Construction sector, we have clients both in secondary construction work and in formwork, industrialists and traders. The integration of new employees is a key point. The integration of new hires seems simple to some companies and is much less simple for others.

Today, we find that 65% of companies do not have a clearly defined integration process, whereas 50% of a successful recruitment is achieved after the employee joins the company! Assisting the new hire in his/her position helps to make him/her operational, productive and self-sufficient faster.
If 20% of employees who join a company plan to leave on Day 1, it is time for companies to take this matter seriously!

For recruitment in the Construction sector this point is all the more important because the technical nature of the products often requires significant training. If integration is not always valued by the company, it is valued by employees! The more successful the integration the longer the employee will remain in his/her position and be committed.
Successful integration will motivate them and make them adhere to the company, its values and its processes…