Do you know the benefits of assessments for recruitments and talent management within your company?

The rigorous methodology of the assessment makes it possible to put the candidates or the employees in a real situation in order to evaluate, in addition to skills and eperience, their behaviour in the working environment. This method is used to validate the person’s suitability for a position.

“Assessments first appeared in the 1980s, when ProEvolution was founded. It is therefore a recruitment and talent management process which is well mastered by our recruitment agency which our teams have been able to develop over time to adapt to the current working world.


An assessment is a process allowing the company to recruit or to allow an employee to benefit from internal development. Depending on the profile(s) to be recruited, the assessment can be individual (department managers, senior executives, administrative staff …) or collective (sales profiles for example). In any case, the aim of the assessment is to secure integration in the workplace and the environment.

Using the assessment method makes it possible to go further than the traditional methods of recruitment, interviews based on experience and personality tests, through simulation.

This American method allows an analysis of the professional and personal potential of an employee (or future employee) in a given situation, at a given time. The purpose of this analysis is to allow your company to project itself with regard to the candidate’s / employee’s ability to develop in the short and medium term.


The assessment specialists from the ProEvolution recruitment agency will assist you, your company, in your recruitments or in managing your staff’s talent. They define with you a set of specifications including your criteria, expectations and requirements that will allow a process to be established which is suited to the working environment and the specificities of your company.

Recruitment or talent management through assessments requires a process with a precise and rigorous methodology to ensure reliable results. So, depending on the specifications defined together, our ProEvolution consultant specializing in assessment will implement a tailor-made “”life-size test””, which can take different forms:

– Tests and role plays
– Simulations of concrete situations
– Mini-case studies
– etc.

The aim is to confront the employee/candidate with the situations and issues they will have to deal with on a daily basis in their new position. It may also be to assess the candidate’s resistance to a specific environment. At the end of the various scenarios, a behavioural assessment is carried out by our consultant specialising in assessments, in order to compare the behaviour and the reactions of the candidate with the requirements and criteria required by the employer and defined in the specifications. This personalized diagnosis allows the company to assess:

– the aptitude of the employee or future employee to occupy a post
– their skills in a professional situation

Outside the phases involving recruitment or development of internal skills (talent management), the assessment process can also be set up within the context of stress management (new organization, dissatisfaction within he teams, etc.). In this case, the purpose of the assessment will be to analyze the ability of employees to manage the stress inherent in their position, changes in the company or in a task, to assess the Psycho-Social Risks (PSR diagnosis). The assessment may in this case le