Coaching managers has become a critical issue for companies! Indeed, at a time when this role is becoming less appealing, managers need outside help to succeed in this capacity.

Why do managers need coaching?

Managing is a highly responsible role and it is fundamental to the success of a company. But it is also a stressful job with a heavy emotional burden. This may make managers feel isolated in their role. They will then need an external view to confirm their choices and to support them.

Indeed, in-house coaching is often complicated. A manager will have a lot more difficulty in confiding to a co-worker when they do not know how they may react. Also, an experienced external coach will be able to offer your manager a fresh vision.

Coaching is possible in a variety of situations.

Internal promotion

An employee has proven themselves and is promoted to manage their department or a new department. Necessarily, this new status implies more sudden responsibilities and, without support, they could quickly feel overwhelmed or question themselves. Fortunately, the guidance of a professional coach will help them ask the right questions, and to manage their emotions and priorities.

Hiring a new manager

You have chosen to hire a new employee to take on the responsibility of management. There are of course important questions to ask before the hiring phase for the manager. Moreover, the latter can be the subject of an assessment. But even once they arrive, the responsibility and pressure for the new manager can be a heavy burden. This new employee should not be demotivated or there is a risk they will leave during their probationary period. Thus, assisting them in this period with a coach will help them to take up their new role under better conditions. Also, they are sure to appreciate this initiative by the company.

Support for an experienced manager

Even managers with plenty of experience may find themselves in trouble at some point in their career. They may encounter new difficulties, linked to the changing context of our current world. An outside coach can then offer the assistance needed to overcome any difficulties.

A manager that feels alone in his or her responsibilities, and/or tired of his or her job, might be tempted to leave. That’s why a coach can help them ask the right questions and continue to thrive in their role and their company.

Our individual coaching services

For the past 15 years, ProEvolution has completed its HR services catalogue with the coaching of employees and especially managers.

Through personalised coaching sessions, our coaches help your managers use the right tools and processes to successfully fulfil their duties.

Our team coaching services

ProEvolution also offers team coaching. To ensure a good team spirit, our experts intervene and offer the tools and best practices to succeed in the company.

Why ask ProEvolution to coach your managers?

Why choose ProEvolution when there are so many coaching firms or independent coaches?

There are many particularities that make our teams stand out from the crowd.

  • Personalised support: every customer and every profile is different. All of our materials are tailored to meet your needs.
  • Business experts: Many of our coach consultants have real world experience in companies before they have moved into this profession. That’s why they have a very practical approach to their job and your needs.
  • The use of neuroscience: our teams have themselves been trained in neuroscience, and pass this speciality on in their coaching. Indeed, a good understanding of mental modes is valuable in coaching and management.
  • Psychology: one of our consultants is also a clinical psychologist, which brings a stronger dimension to our coaching. This is especially valuable when dealing with stress management issues.
  • An approach including digital technology: new digital tools have profoundly changed the world of work and the organisation of teams. With experts who have worked in these new professions, we are able to accompany change in the company, as well as for remote management.
  • Our customers: we have a wide variety of references. These range from both large groups to very small companies. We have a particularly strong experience with industrial clients.

Want to know more? Do you have a coaching project for a manager or team? Contact us to discuss it!