Candidate databases

ProEvolution, a CV-library of over 30,000 candidates for your recruitment 

What is a CV-library? 

A CV-library is one of the fastest ways to find qualified candidates. It consists of amassing a CV database that is kept regularly up to date. This makes it possible to quickly contact candidates open to new opportunities when a recruitment need emerges

There are many CV-libraries! But they are often not fully up-to-date or well filled to help find the right candidate. Moreover, the obligations related to the GDPR require all the more diligence for those who manage this candidate database

Our firm’s approach to building and maintaining the candidate database 

ProEvolution works with many partner tools and sites. In particular, we have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that is regularly updated by our teams and tools. This allows us to collect and centralise all the resumes of our candidates and unsolicited applications. Thus we can group all applications, regardless of the outcome of the collection, and always with the consent of the candidates

Our database holds more than 30,000 active candidates, and we also rely on other databases provided by partner sites and job boards (e.g. APEC for executive profiles). 

In addition, searching in external CV-libraries is part of the ongoing monitoring work within our teams. Indeed, we can exploit bases rich in target profiles depending on the professions we are looking for.

This approach therefore allows us to easily have a database of candidates in many trades and regions. You can contact us to search for the gem in connection with your search

Develop your CV-library

Need to recruit regularly? Often looking for very different profiles? Or do you regularly hire in the same professions?

In this case, you may be interested in maintaining your own CV-library. In other words, you can regularly build a talent pool! This will allow you to anticipate your future recruitment and to be able to quickly contact qualified and interested candidates to join your company.

In response to this growing demand, ProEvolution recruiters have developed a tailor-made offer to build your CV-library over time. This service consists of regularly sourcing interesting profiles, whether through headhunting, advertisements, candidate search engines or other sourcing methods.