Are you looking for a responsive and efficient recruitment agency to support you with your HR issues? The recruitment agency ProEvolution recruits top management profiles (managerial, technical, commercial …) for you and assists you in career management (coaching, outplacement, reclassification). Our methodology guarantees you results with significant savings in terms of time and cost for your company.

The recruitment agency ProEvolution has been developing its expertise in recruitment and career management for 25 years. Our recruitment agency is therefore able to meet the specific needs of each company. With 6 offices throughout France, the recruitment agency ProEvolution is close to your company and has developed in-depth knowledge of the local economic fabric and many fields of activity.

Which sector ?

The recruitment agency ProEvolution has proven its expertise in recruitment for the following sectors: industry, nuclear, environment, renewable energies, chemical, pharmaceutical, services, health, distribution and construction.
We recruit people on your behalf with high added value profiles or those which are difficult to recruit: CEO, management, technical or commercial executives, administrative executives, international/multicultural profiles

By trusting our recruitment agency, you are guaranteed a service which is:

  • fast: thanks to our headhunters and recruitment experts with proven methods
  • effective: we find profiles for you which are suited to your specifications, and have high potential that you would not have found otherwise with traceability in the recruitment process.
  • in strict confidentiality: the recruitment process is conducted to preserve the confidentiality of your company

Our recruitment agency also offers you its experience in recruiting Franco-German profiles.
In addition to recruitment carried out by our recruiters and headhunters, our recruitment agency ProEvolution specializes in career management: coaching, outplacement, reclassification, change and talent management.

Who are we ?

Companies, trust ProEvolution in Lyon, Mulhouse, Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg and Le Havre to support you in the management and development of human capital in a fully transparent manner. Do you want to energise your teams and develop the great potential of your company? The teams at our ProEvolution recruitment agency help you set up systems to enable the development of skills or take stock of stress management with a diagnosis of Psycho-social Risks (PSR). Offering individual or team coaching, we fix the objectives to be achieved with you.

Our recruitment agency’s specialist consultants support your company in large-scale recruitment projects (building teams, setting up a new site, etc.) but also in the reorganization and restructuring phases (ceasing activity, reducing production costs, etc.) for the implementation of an Employment Protection Plan.

Whatever the project, recruitment, career management, our specialists implement a precise method to determine with you a set of specifications listing all your expectations and requirements. These specifications are determined by both the company and the recruitment agency, which allows complete transparency.


The Pro Evolution recruitment agency is your expert partner for professional and effective recruiting that will save you time and money.

Quick to fulfil its missions, knowledge of the local fabric and headhunter: these are the strengths of the Pro Evolution recruitment agency and its team of consultants.


Using a recruitment agency limits the risks of having hidden costs. Indeed, recruiting a new employee involves spending a significant amount of time to make sure you do not make a mistake. By internalizing, the risk is to not dedicate enough time to recruitment and, perhaps, not to choose the right candidate. Conversely, a recruiting firm specifically has expertise in the workings of recruitment, from properly defining the needs to the integration of the new recruit. Because it is a possible other hidden cost: integrating and assessing the new employee in their new position. It also takes time to finally confirm the recruitment at the end of the trial period. Again, being supported by professionals from a recruitment agency is a significant advantage, especially on specific profiles which are difficult to identify.
Recruitment is far from straightforward and a failed recruitment will have adverse effects: your employees may have to compensate for the arrival of a recruit who does not have the required skills. If an initial recruitment does not materialize beyond the trial period, another one will have to be initiated, with workload again being transferred to current employees. In short, as you can well imagine: a recruitment is complex and using a recruitment agency, with expertise in the field, makes it possible to benefit from effective support at all the stages involved in identifying new talent !

Advantages of our agency

Turning to the Pro Evolution recruitment agency offers several advantages:

  • Speed: the Pro Evolution recruitment agency’s expertise allows it to meet your needs as quickly as possible. Its knowledge of the local fabric and its network of profiles enables it to be efficient in identifying relevant talents.
  • Knowledge of the local fabric: located in our agencies in close proximity to the markets, the consultants (and in particular our recruitment consultants) of the Pro Evolution recruitment agency have excellent knowledge of the local fabric they work in: all over France, on the Franco-German market, and internationally (especially in Eastern European countries, Spain and the Maghreb countries).
  • A true headhunter: the Pro Evolution recruitment agency is characterised by being able to go for very specific and rare profiles thanks to an excellent network of candidates. The candidates who are proposed to you at the end of the identification process are therefore not just CVs coming from a CV database, but real proposals of profiles suited to your search, identified via a direct approach.

Pro Evolution recruitment agency: Recruitment consultants
At our recruitment agency, our recruitment consultants help you recruit your future employees. They supervise the steps of each recruitment mission, from assessing the need to integrating the candidate, not forgetting, of course, selecting the best profiles for the position and the company that is recruiting. Everyone has excellent knowledge of the job market, your sector of activity and the professions for which you are looking for new talent.