The expertise of your teams reflects your ability to achieve your missions and assist your clients. This is why, more than ever, the recruitment of your technical experts, including engineers, is at the heart of every company’s strategy. A technical expert is a real asset.


With the development of technologies, the needs of companies and the market, technical expertise is spread across a number of distinct areas. 

The technical profiles that we regularly recruit as part of our business often include: 

  • Project Managers
  • Development Engineers
  • Industrialisation engineers
  • Welding process experts
  • APU/Production Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Design office software / Mechatronics Engineers
  • Design office hardware engineers
  • Automation / Robotics / Instrumentation Technicians
  • Design office Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Suppliers/Customer/Project Quality Engineers
  • Etc.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and our recruitment processes adapt to different fields of activity and expertise, while taking into account the specificities of each one. 


Good technical experts are among those rare pearls on the labour market. Demand is often greater than supply. De facto, these profiles are often not actively job seeking.


This is why the traditional advertisement on job sites is often insufficient. It can still be an interesting starting point for your search as it will allow you to attract candidates who are actively seeking a job. The most difficult thing here is to select the job offer platforms, which may differ depending on the area of expertise sought. The content of the advertisement is also important, it must be detailed enough to properly pre-filter the responses. This content must remain open enough not to avoid dissuading the right applicants from responding. Style is also important! Indeed, having a dynamic ad that is adapted to the target is essential differentiating you from other job opportunities. For example, you may or may not opt for humour or a more relaxed style in your advertisement. 


Co-option can also be an excellent vector for finding candidates. For example, your teams’ alumni may be the right candidates. You need to be able to bring your employees’ networks into play by motivating them to participate in this process. To do this, there is nothing better than working on your employer brand and improving the quality of life of your teams, to make them ambassadors for your future recruitment. 


However, our experience shows that in rare trades with technical expertise, headhunting will remain one of the most effective vectors of recruitment! Firstly, this means detecting the correct profiles using candidate search engines. Then we contact them to convince them to come to work for you! 


Once the first candidates have been selected, there is obviously a lot of filtering work! Initially for expert and engineering positions, it is a matter of ensuring the appropriate technical level for your recruitment. This can be verified with the technical tests from our range of tests that cover several trades. Or you can send us your own tests in order to really adapt the questions to your search. 

But the most important thing is to be sure of their communication skills and soft skills. That is why our recruiters are trained to measure them and ensure that the profile matches what you are looking for. 


Our contracts also offer an integration follow-up after the candidate has been recruited. In this way, we ensure that the recruit integrates well and the you are satisfied. If necessary, we can resume the search.

In summary, we will of course advise you to work on several of these strategies! This will maximise your chances of finding the right engineers and technical experts quickly and efficiently. That is why our recruitment contracts include 360° support and the right tools to deliver the most comprehensive, efficient and rapid recruitment services possible. 


Finding the difference between a good and a bad technical expert is not easy. 

While many will simply make do with sorting candidates by work experience, this criterion is very limiting. In addition to the need to thoroughly check references to ensure that there is no lying or exaggeration on the CV, it is also necessary to consider that the person was not working alone but as part of a team, and it is then difficult to know whether the expert has worked independently or has delegated their duties to third parties. In this case: autonomy and teamwork are two of the essential qualities for a technical expert, whatever the field of expertise. 

Autonomy because he/she will have to be able to do technical monitoring on his/her field and find solutions to the problems related to his/her assignment. 

Teamwork because in many cases it will be necessary to involve the team to resolve a problem, and also for discussions with the client. 

Expanding on teamwork and soft skills, it can be dangerous to have a very good expert on a team who cannot pass on their knowledge. Or worse, someone who wants to make themselves so vital that they are sure to be the only one able to address the problems of your company or some of the services you sell to your customers. Imagine the day that the person leaves, gets sick, or simply decides that he/she no longer has the motivation! 

In many technical fields, proficiency in English is becoming a necessary skill for a good expert. The digital age provides access to many communities of online experts who can help each other around the world. Also many technical-related documentation or support is in English so it can be essential to master the language. 

Depending on the desired hierarchical level of the expert, it may be necessary to take account of managerial tasks. In that case, all the qualities that a good manager needs have to be taken into account. 


As with all things, and particularly in recruitment, the cost of a recruitment service is often proportional to the scarcity of the profile. 

Many companies will be tempted to manage internal recruitment with their HR Manager or HR Department. This solution may be sufficient in areas where there are many unemployed experts looking for openings in positions for their skills. But even then, while it will be easy to hire someone who looks good on paper… Not having tested him/her with the right tools and experienced recruiters may mean you are in for an unpleasant surprise. And every entrepreneur and HR Department knows the cost of a failed recruitment! 


Therefore, it is often advisable to get the guidance of a recruitment firm such as ProEvolution. We will be able to offer you suitable formulas to recruit the right engineer or technical expert, integrating both the sourcing and qualifying of contacts.

The cost of recruitment will depend on the solutions chosen, considering that on a global assistance we typically apply a percentage of the annual gross salary that is recommended for the position being sought. This may be higher or lower depending on the rarity and specific skills required for the profile. 

You will understand that it is difficult to give you a specific figure or even a specific percentage without first qualifying your need. But don’t worry, simply fill out our contact form and one of our recruiters will contact you to quickly make an estimate for the recruitment of your technical expert!