Headhunting & the direct approach


As headhunters we are accustomed to seeking out rare profiles, adapted to specific needs.
Together we will assess the necessary profile, search the available databases, and use our networks and relevant media to offer the applicants to you.
Our headhunting skill allow you to make the right choice among the right candidates.

Why use a headhunter?
As a headhunter, ProEvolution will accompany you in your recruitment of rare or high stakes profiles for your business.

Our headhunter firm specialises in the administrative, construction and sales force trades and is responsive to the needs of your business. We study your recruitment issue and work together to assess your specific needs to identify the profile and key expertise on which to focus our research.

Our headhunting expertise and network of professionals allow us to carry out the effective and relevant sourcing of potential candidates to submit nominations within 3 weeks. Our headhunters work in direct approach and in advance to detect profiles with rare or differentiating skills.

Process of headhunting

At ProEvolution, the headhunter will analyse the market and profiles with appropriate skills and experience. The headhunter then moves toward a targeted approach to the prospective candidates. The recruitment phases begin by the assessment, by our headhunting firm, of the potential of the most interesting profiles. Thanks to our recruitment methodology, the headhunter submits the candidates to a series of tests (personality, role playing). Then he performs a verification of references and diplomas. This process allows to retain only the most advanced and qualified profiles to match with your recruitment goals and strategic objectives.

The service offer of our headhunting firm is designed to seek profiles of excellent quality, with the utmost confidentiality. The recruitment process applied by ProEvolution headhunters includes a market analysis, a skills analysis but also a compensation analysis. This ensures that the candidates we propose to you have a profile in line with all the criteria defined together.

Consequences of a direct approach

The headhunter will guide you in your overall recruitment and human resources development strategy within your company. It means taking into account the specificities of your job, an analysis of the services in place, management advice, etc.

Working with the headhunting firm ProEvolution means choosing efficiency and direct approach.
The outsourcing of recruitment to a headhunter allows to focus on your company & to get an outside look at your business.
In return, you get real time and cost savings for your recruitment.