Professional career support

Wondering about your career prospects? ProEvolution’s experts offer personalised guidance to help you make the right choices for the continuation of your professional career.

Skills assessment

As soon as you feel that the job you are doing is no longer the right one, it is important to ask the right questions before changing direction. In order to support you in this transition, we have developed a specific process for your skills assessment. Our approach will allow you to consider the most appropriate positions for your career development.

We also have personality tools to help you make the right choices for this process.


Need a coach to support you in taking on a leadership role? Our coaches offer you personalised support to best guide you in this new role and to make it more fulfilling and less stressful.

This service is generally covered by your company. This is because the latter has every interest in requesting external support to assist you in taking on the new role.

Get more information on our coaching offerings on the appropriate page.


When you and your company realise that your future does not lie together, it is time to ask for an outplacement. This service, which is usually covered by your company, will allow you to take advantage of our support to rebound!

This will allow our teams to not only provide you with a skills review, but also to take advantage of our network to find you a new employer.

For example, you can take advantage of our support as part of a change of region or a family move.


Your company is not doing well and will have to make lay-offs. Unfortunately, redundancy schemes are becoming routine, especially in times of crisis. That’s why ProEvolution has developed a redeployment offer to help employees bounce back and quickly return to a position that meets their ambition and expectations.

Personal Branding

Want to improve the professional image of your profile? Today, recruiters and prospects learn a lot about you through Internet referencing and social networks. In order to give the best professional image of yourself, ProEvolution and its digital brand KonexUp offer personalised support to work on your Personal Branding. In particular, we offer customised LinkedIn training for sales people and people looking for a new challenge.


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