Job offers / Advertisements

The recruitment methodology of ProEvolution is based on various methods of sourcing profiles. Of course, advertisements on different job sites are part of one of these main sources.

While the process of using job sites is not original, it is important to select the right websites based on the job and profile you are seeking to fill. Job posting sites and various job boards represent a significant cost.

Which job sites should you post on?

Since advertisements on job sites are often paid for, it is important to select the sites well. It may also take some processing time for the information to be entered.

This is why ProEvolution recruiters include the selection of the most suitable job sites on which to post the advertisement as part of their approach.

So our first step is to define the position you are seeking to fill. Depending on the profile you are seeking, the region, the status, the budget… and various criteria, we will be able to suggest the sites that are best suited to your search.

For example, some of the sites we work with regularly include:

  • Indeed
  • Cadremploi
  • APEC
  • Meteojob
  • Job Teaser
  • LesJeudis
  • Monster
  • Cadreo
  • ChooseYourBoss

Not to mention the website of ProEvolution and its brand KonexUp. As well as social networks like LinkedIn, Viadeo or Facebook.

How do you write a job offer correctly?

Indeed, making the right the choice of sites to post your ad does not exclude having to write it well. But don’t worry, our recruiters will do the writing for you.

However, here are some of the basics we share with you to write your offers.

The title

First of all, it is essential to work well on the title! It must be explicit in order to appear on the applicant’s search from the job site search engine. In this way, the ad will be more likely to be found and seen.

Do not forget at the end to say “Man or Woman” which remains a legal obligation.


Then, make sure that the duties are defined correctly. List each of these duties by prioritising them.

Indeed, the logic of reading requires that you indicate first the main tasks related to the position. It is on the first 2-3 lines that the applicant will need to recognise their profile and be able to position themselves.

Secondary duties may be indicated as a plus, but do not extend too much either. Indeed, a list of duties with more than 10 tasks will suggest that the position is unclear and can deter applicants. Of course, this will not prevent in reality from playing on applicants’ soft skills to adapt their position over time.

The profile

Next, you must specify the profile you are looking for. Be careful here not to be too demanding. Whether it is in relation to diplomas, previous experiences or qualities, you have to prioritise the most important for you. The qualities demanded must also be in line with the values of your company.

Conversely, you will receive a lot of  unsuitable CVs if you do not put enough requirements in the profile.

Terms and Benefits

Here, you need to list the constraints and the benefits of the job.

Constraints may include travel, schedules or a work environment that can cause some hardship. Don’t try to hide them, it will save you time in the long run. However, the corresponding benefits will have to be proportional or even higher to attract the right profiles.

For benefits, this may be a matter of compensation. However, it is always a delicate subject to broach, and will often depend on the profile. We recommend that you specify a bracket as much as possible, making it easier to search ads and sort candidates up front.

Finally, don’t neglect the other benefits. In addition to the health care plan that is required for executives in France, consider adding value to meal vouchers, flexible hours, opportunities to work from home, break-room or canteen facilities, transportation discounts, bonuses, seminars, training, etc.

The description of the company

Finally, an advertisement usually ends with a presentation of the company. It is here that the issue of the employer brand arises. In a short and concise manner, you must sell your business, including its values. Here, remember to talk about your CSR approaches and other commitments, which will respond to the search for meaning of today’s job applicants.

Finally, make sure that this description is on your website, and on your e-reputation in general.

A bit of originality

Of course, these are generalities, in some cases it is necessary to demonstrate originality to differentiate yourself, especially in the IT professions. That’s why putting a little humour may be helpful in capturing the applicant’s attention.