Pro Evolution, human resources consulting firm since 1988

Pro Evolution, recruitment agency since 1988, supports you in your human resources (HR) issues. Do you have a recruitment or talent management challenge, or want to receive advice in terms of HR?

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Pro Evolution is a human resources consulting firm founded in 1988. It supports the development of companies' employees.

The Pro Evolution locations

With a head office in Didenheim (near Mulhouse, in the Alsace region of north-eastern France, the recruitment agency is also located in Boulogne Billancourt, Strasbourg, Le Havre and Rouen in Normandy, as well as Lyon. This network of agencies across the country allows the consultants to be true specialists in their geographical area. This is essential to ensure excellent market knowledge which makes it possible to have a strong network of candidates. Pro Evolution's experts help their clients to recruit qualified and competent professionals in Alsace, in a large quarter of northeastern France, in Germany and in Eastern Europe.

Pro Evolution's sectors of activity

Pro Evolution operates mainly in the following sectors: food processing, automotive, metallurgy, foundry, chemical, public works, plastics, aeronautics, technological equipment, energy and environment, pharma / biotechnology, services.

The profiles recruited

Pro Evolution specializes in recruiting technical profiles (engineers, experts and executives in design offices and R&D) and commercial profiles (sales forces: technical sales engineers for the domestic and export markets), but also support functions (QHSE, purchasing, production, industrialization, maintenance and after-sales service) and management (General Management, department managers, directors, etc.). Attention is paid to the new emerging professions (due to automation, Big Data and digital technology): the recruitment market is closely monitored to identify new skills (and those of tomorrow), but also to imagine new ways of recruiting and identifying talent.

Pro Evolution's services

The services offered by Pro Evolution revolve around three main areas: executive recruitment, executive career support in companies, and corporate consulting in transition management.
The recruitment of profiles is closely monitored by the teams: each candidate is monitored throughout the recruitment process as well as after their integration into the company.

Pro Evolution: a team at your service

In order to provide an effective answer to your issues, the Pro Evolution recruitment agency relies on a solid and efficient team of seasoned professionals: consultants specializing in recruitment, career transition, coaching, human resources and corporate relations.
It is this team which ensures that the recruitment is conducted to perfectly match the company's needs, whether it be in terms of the cost, time, offer and, of course, the reliability of the recruitment process.
Throughout this process, the company is in constant contact with its Pro Evolution contacts in order to review the progress made on its dossier, which enables it to make sure that the mission is going according to plan.